As brand strategist for Travel Oregon, I collaborated with the exceptional teams at Travel Oregon, Wieden+Kennedy and elsewhere on the 7 Wonders of Oregon campaign, the most successful campaign the state has ever run.

The campaign's success is rooted in the creative concept that whoever named the 7 Wonders of the World must have never set foot in Oregon. 

The creative was matched with a strategic shift in how we marketed to travelers. We worked with Google to identify peak periods for search terms related to travel to Oregon, and determined that serving up the right message during this peak would provide a significant opportunity to influence destination choice. We awed them with the 7 Wonders of Oregon at a moment when they were most open to dreaming about travel. homepage during campaign homepage during campaign 

A spot-on mix of cinema, digital and social media advertising, full integration in our channels, an outdoor influencers instagram takeover, and brand aligned partnerships with Alaska Airlines, The Clymb, Poler Stuff and others encouraged people to visit Oregon and hashtag their adventures #traveloregon. We pulled those photos into our website, creating an inspiration resource for future travelers (see above). Results:

  • All time record high for response rate first month of a campaign – up 29% over previous record, then broke the record again the final month of the campaign, up 50% (471k)
  • 43% increase in organic search
  • 80k new facebook followers, 20k new instagram followers, 4.2 million likes on photos hashtagged #traveloregon, 176k photo comments
  • 120,000 new fans in our our channels (enews, etc.)

This is some of the strongest work for Travel Oregon in our 25-year history of working together. What I really like about the creative, aside from how damn beautiful Oregon looks, is it gives people a checklist of things to see and do.

— Dan Wieden, Wieden+Kennedy
          Instagram post: Seattletravels

          Instagram post: Seattletravels

Collaborators: Chris Thurman & Andrew Dickson - Wieden+Kennedy, Director Christian Sorensen Hansen, Photographer Chantal Anderson, Substance, Sparkloft, Robeson Communications, In House Graphics

Top photo:  Chantal Anderson - Young explorer, Oswald West State Park, Oregon Coast,
for the 7 Wonders of Oregon campaign